Security & Privacy

This page describes the settings in the Security & Privacy application. The four tabs are as follows:


These settings specify whether a password is required when Ubuntu wakes from suspend or returns from a blank screen. Your computer will be more secure if in these cases passwords are required.

Files & Applications

These settings allow you to specify which recently-used files, folders and applications are listed in the Dash, and elsewhere.

In order to determine the recently-used files, folders and applications, Ubuntu collects usage data. If you wish, you can turn OFF collection of usage data and clear some or all of the collected usage data.

The Include: list lists some common file types. To include a file type in the usage data, tick the checkbox next to it. To exclude a file type from the usage data, clear the checkbox next to it.

The Exclude: list lists folders and applications excluded from the usage data. To add a folder or application to the list, click the "+" button and select the required folder or application. To remove a folder or application from the list, select it and click the "-" button.


This setting specifies whether online search results are included when searching in the Dash. For more details of the online search results, and the companies that provide them, please see Canonical's privacy policy, which you can access via the Diagnostics tab.


These settings specify which types of system information Ubuntu can send to Canonical. This information (if you allow it to be sent) will help Canonical improve Ubuntu. If you want more information about how Canonical uses the system information, click Privacy Policy to read Canonical's privacy policy.