Création d'un point d'accès sans fil

You can use your computer as a wireless hotspot. This allows other devices to connect to your computer without a separate network. If your computer has a connection to the internet other than wireless, you can use the wireless hotspot to share your internet connection with other devices.

  1. Cliquez sur l'icône en forme de Roue crantée dans le menu système et sélectionnez Paramètres système....

  2. Ouvrez Réseau et sélectionnez Sans fil sur la gauche.

  3. Click the Use as Hotspot... button.

  4. If you are already connected to a wireless network, you will be asked if you want to disconnect from that network. A single wireless adapter can only connect to or create one network at a time. Click Turn On to confirm.

A wireless network name (SSID) and security key are automatically generated. The SSID is based on the name of your computer. Other devices will need the SSID and security key in order to connect to the hotspot you've just created. If you wish to, you can change the SSID and security key.